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There are few music venues that provide free entertainment coupled with great food, good drinks, and an amazing atmosphere.  We are fortunate enough to play at one of them. For over a year now Charqui Grill, located at 1955 Cornwall Ave. in Kits, has been home to some of Vancouver’s best up and coming local artists.  Together with VanMusic, Charqui Grill has been able to support the local music scene and organize a really good open mic Thursday nights and artist showcases on Fridays and Saturdays.

It’s a small but quaint venue that houses a stage, PA system, mics, amps, and even a drum kit.  They always have the game on and the food is delish. MG Graveyard has played Charqui numerous times and are always pleased to return. It really is a hidden gem in the city.

Come check out the vibe this Saturday Oct. 18th. MG Graveyard will be hosting with guests, Toki and Rivermouth (two brand new local bands).  Support the local music scene and meet some new friends.

MG Graveyard at the Charqui Grill
MG Graveyard at the Charqui Grill. Photo by Sarah Blake

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